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Excluding Traffic with Multiple Conditions/Fields

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I am currently battling bot data for an account I oversee. This bot traffic can send up to 100k direct visitors/month. The bots themselves appear as regular user's aside from poor engagement metrics and out of date flash/browser versions (and coming Direct). However, I can't outright block them all the time because there are still real users and real revenue coming in from these out of date versions. 


So, I've been seeking to remove them with Filters based on two Fields: Browser Version & Flash Version. 


A common setup looks like this:




And, then I have the following setup:



My hope is that based on setting the Custom Field to "Exclude", and Excluding all of that Traffic with a Filter, it would remove this traffic (and I'd be setup to do numerous filters for removing traffic when they come up). However, it doesn't always seem to work, but (I swear) it works sometimes. 


I stumbled upon this method on a site once, and I can't seem to find it. Does this method work? Any other options, anything I am missing?









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Re: Excluding Traffic with Multiple Conditions/Fields

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Yes, this approach will work IF you have the first filter BEFORE the second filter in the order listed.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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