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Excluding Internal Traffic with Multiple Locations

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How do I exclude internal traffic from multiple locations? If it were just a few, I would set up either multiple filters or a regex for them, but it's nearly 50 locations...and there's not much similar between them. Some are ranges and some are single IPs. I've tried setting them up with a single regex and it was too long, so I broke them into "groups" of IPs in each regex. It's been up for a few days and still not seeing any traffic to the view, so either my regex is flawed or I'm not getting any traffic besides internal traffic ("regular" view showing 600+ sessions), so my guess is that I've messed up the regex. Can I have 50+ individual filters? Is that inefficient? Will it cause problems? Or can someone point me to a regex generator that will help with multiple IPs? Thanks!

Re: Excluding Internal Traffic with Multiple Locations

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Hi Sharon,



You can use 256 characters to define a view filter in Google Analytics. Yes, theoretically it's possible to create 50 different view filters as well if you want but I would recommend using regular expressions instead in order to be more efficient.


Let me know if it helps @Sharon M.