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Exclude internal traffic without IP address

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We tried to exclude an internal traffic from our web. Originally we wanted to exclude all internal IP address however due to higher number of employees who are in different locations we chose the other solution (not sure if the best one)  :-( 


So, we have created a Custom filter with Hostname (e.g. Pattern ( and verified the filter.


Filter seemed to be successfully applied. However since that time there is absolutely no traffic on our web.
Now there are 2 possible scenarios:
- filter was not set up correctly
- there is really 0 traffic from outside


Could you please advice whether we really excluded all internal traffic coming from the colleagues or we excluded the entire traffic from our web (internal and external)?


If so, would be then the only solution to exclude internal traffic via IP address?


Any advice is very appreciated.


Thank you.






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October 2016

Exclude internal traffic without IP address

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Hi Ondrej,


With that filter configuration, you are in fact excluding all traffic to your site. You should remove it as soon as possible to avoid more lost data.


A hostname is where the visit arrives, in this case, your domain, so by excluding your domain all traffic to it will be excluded. 


You can try excluding a range of IPs, just note that this has to be the public IP, not the internal IPs.


You can also try excluding the whole ISP domain used by your company.


Hope it helps, 

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Exclude internal traffic without IP address

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Thank you Carlos.