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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Exclude IP Addresses Filter Not Working In GA

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Hey, there! 


I've set up an IP address filter and it does't seem to be working. Actually non of them appear to be working. This is for a university so there are lots of IP's.


I created a few test pages and the traffic to those pages are all coming from the IP addresses I filtered out. 


Here's what I've done:

  • Created two views
  • Had them Google 'what is my IP'
  • Excluded those IP addresses to the filtered view


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.24.56 PM.png

The test pages are only getting traffic from these IPs (and I'm not looking at real time analytics). Any idea what's going on? 


Thanks for any help! 


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Re: Exclude IP Addresses Filter Not Working In GA

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Hi :-)
When you say its not working, how is that being tested?

Has it been more than 24hrs since the filter was applied?
(Keeping in mind addition of or changes to filters can take 24-48hrs to show changes in the report data going forward from time filter is applied)
If so, when checking the standard reports, are you changing the date range at the upper right to include from the day after the filter was applied up to and including the current days date?

The real time reports will often show filter affects immediately but can take up to 2hrs to reflect changes.

Does the site tracking code possibly use the anonymizeIP feature?

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Exclude IP Addresses Filter Not Working In GA

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Hi Amanda,

I think that the problem lies in the type of IPs that you want filtered out. What you found using "What's my IP" is your university's external IP as seen by other pages that you visit. However when you visit your website that is in the same network as your computer it looks for your internal IP. Hence your filtering isn't working.

I think that in your case best solution would be to ask your network admin for internal IP range that is used on university. Then create custom filter - select "Exclude", "Filter Field" - use "IP Address". Then in "Filter Pattern" field insert regular expression value that would match given IP range. For example: if your internal IP range is then you would enter: "^10\.10\.[0-9][0-9]?[0-5]?\.[0-9][0-9]?[0-5]?$" (without quotation marks).

This way you wouldn't need to create filter for every single IP that you'd like to exclude. If you need help in creating regular expression for your IP range then please paste it here (if it's allowed) - I'd be glad to prepare that expression for you.

Re: Exclude IP Addresses Filter Not Working In GA

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I think that's exactly what's going on! Thank you so much. I requested the IP range from the client yesterday so I'll paste it in here (if ti works) as soon as they send it.

Thanks again!