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Exclude Hostname + Request URI

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Hi Guys,


I need to exclude traffic to an specific domain with an specific language. In that view there's multiple domains, being one of them a microsite.


Is there a way to create a filter which combines Hostname (microsite) + Request URI (language)


I'm at the moment excluding only request URI,


For example: In the case of  Spain (, i'm excluding the rest of languages using:





The issue is that i'm taking the risk of excluding pages for my main site that request URI starts with one of the above. 


I have also tried using the one below so i cut off the subdirectory but i'm then excluding the landing page which is





Any advice?


Many thanks,



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Re: Exclude Hostname + Request URI

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Hey David,

Are you already combining hostname and URI? With a set up like that I would expect it. If so you could do this in two steps:

1. Combine Hostname and URI
2. Use an include filter for exactly what you want to include e.g. (this helps prevent some spam too)
3. Exclude anything else you would like

Okay, that was three steps. Smiley Happy


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Exclude Hostname + Request URI

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Can we create a profile for the following scenario.



in the above examples:

from 1st url: we need to add as hostname in the filter.

From 2nd url: we need to add only "addthis_" as request uri in the filter. please note that here domain name is difference from 1st url.