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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Events not tracking in certain views

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Hi there,


We have set up an Event to track a button click but it is only showing up in reports on our Unfiltered view within Analytics.


We have other views set up using filters to exclude certain IP addresses and the Event tracking is not reporting in those views?


Code used is below - is there anything basic that we're not piecing together as to why the data is only being collected in our unfiltered view?


Thanks in advance!




({'event' : 'GAEvent','eventCategory' : 'AttendeePage','eventAction' : 'Click','eventLabel' : 'Modal-click','eventValue' : undefined });

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Events not tracking in certain views

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Are they specific IP addresses or ranges of IPs that are being filtered out.
Depending on the ISP and the IP being filtered, you may end up with legitimate site visitors that should generally be tracked, being caught up and removed by the filters.

Is it only the events that are not tracking in the IP filtered Views?

How long ago did you setup the filtered View? It usually takes a day or so for a new View to start collecting data.. 
and if it was a View that was already collecting data, once another filter is applied.. it can take a day or so from the time the filter is applied to start showing an affect to the incoming data in the View.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Events not tracking in certain views

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Hi Bronwyn V,


Thank you so much for getting back to me.


The view itself was created a good few months ago so that isn't an issue.


The filter that was created for us to exclude IPs looks like the following:


Exclude -> Filter Field -> Filter Pattern: 213\.190\.156\.91|213\.190\.128\.241|86\.47\.39\.97|80\.76\.202\.217|193\.105\.185\.20|89\.101\.1\.99


Does that look correct?