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Eliminating internal traffic WITHOUT using hostname

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This website receives traffic whenever people login to their wifi and accept terms and conditions. The redirect triggers a referral showing their IP address:


Filter help 1.png


I want to filter out this traffic but can't use the hostname since it matches with the rest of the site. I tried an advanced filter based on Referrer, but it hasn't worked:


Filter help 2.png

They have classic GA, so I can't add self-referral exclusions. They aren't ready to migrate to UA as the site is massive and they need to more time to prepare.


Is there any way to filter out this traffic without editing the code? Any insight is appreciated.



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Re: Eliminating internal traffic WITHOUT using hostname

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Hey Timothy G,

Have you tried Campaign Source? That is what you are looking at in this screenshot. Other candidates could be IP Address or ISP organization.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Eliminating internal traffic WITHOUT using hostname

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Thank you very much for the advice there! I was hesitant to use Campaign Source since there technically was no campaign, but once I based the filter on that criteria those two sources flatlined (which is exactly what the client wanted to see).

Cheers and many thanks for helping me with this bizarre issue!

- Tim