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Default Channel Grouping - changes and assigning traffic to new channels

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Hi guysSmiley Happy


My ecommerce and marketing team is not very good at utm-tracking, and I am now "forcing" them into this and also moving from working in source/medium-reports and more in DCG.


This said, I have set up a few new channels in DCG which fit our marketing channels the best. This means I have moved a few, split and merged.



Display is to me not google / cpc (remarketing Ad Display Network). This is remarketing and is for me better reported with retarget services like Criteo. Have therefore created a new channel called Retarget which should take in both:


medium = retarget (from utm-parameter criteo / retarget)


System def channel = Display (from the standard channel Display)


No remarket google / cpc traffic is registered in this new channel - only Criteo. Actually, I can not find the traffic at all under source / medium either (second dimension Campaign-ID from Adwords for this remarketing). Its gone! (still have the raw data view though...Smiley Happy)


This is just one example. A few other that is similar


New channel Price Comparison

source = ^(kelkoose|pricerunner|$ (also tried only kelkoose|pricerunner|


medium = cpc


No traffic is registered under DCG. The channel Price Comparison is not even showing up in DCG... but traffic is coming in looking at source/medium


BUT..Smiley Happy What does work, is that I have split out social referrals into one report. As you might know, Google Analytics does not have a good DCG for paid social. So I have created Social Paid (facebook/cpc), Social (facebook/social) and Social Referrals ( This work just perfectSmiley Happy


Please helpSmiley Happy

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Default Channel Grouping - changes and assigning traffic to new channels

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Hi Christian, 


Its a good decision to press your team into using UTMs - they're incredibly helpful! 


Regarding the Default Channel Groupings (DCG) , this is complicated and so is your question - which to be honest i don't fully understand ... 


If i read your statement properly you're sending remarketing traffic via Criteo (a product i don't have any experience with) . Is this a 3rd party advertiser that uses the AdSense network or is it just a reporting tool that manages your remarketing, like a WordStream tool?


A few comments:

#1 It was a good idea to keep a raw data "all website data" view. Please keep this untouched. 

#2 If you want to separate remarketing into a different channel. Consider using "campaign" as a trigger to identify and sort your remarketing traffic. 

#3 Make sure your new remarketing channel does not conflict with traffic that would typically be absorbed in the 'System Defined' channel. You may need to disable your 'System Defined' channel and make a custom one that is based on the 'System Defined' preferences BUT includes a 'does not contain' within. 

#4 Smart idea for Social BUT keep in mind that can often come from paid traffic ... in sorts ... if people tag their friends or share your promoted post and then others organically convert from that 'share' then it may come off as . 


Let me know if this helps! 

 - Josh


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Default Channel Grouping - changes and assigning traffic to new channels

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Sorry for not being more preciseSmiley Happy


I got the new channel Price Comparison to work with a regexp sentence in this channel and a NOT include in the other (system channel Paid Search).


What is missing now, is to exclude google/cpc (remarketing) from Display and add it in my new channel Remarketing. In this channel I only want to see criteo/retarget (Criteo is a 3rd party stand-alone retargeting service) and google/cpc (remarketing), but it only collect data from criteo/retarget. I have tried this:





Network for ad distribution=Content




The thing is that my filtered view does not record data from google/cpc (remarketing) at all, but my raw data is.. I have tried several expressions under segments, and I know how to find the traffic. But it is not there....


I hope this was clearerSmiley Happy


Thanks again,




Default Channel Grouping - changes and assigning traffic to new channels

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The solution was to enable the Adwords connection for this data set..Smiley Happy