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Data range limited to 93 days from the start date?

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I'm trying to use Google Analytics to find out how many repeat purchasers I have on my site. However, having created repeat customers (using the Customer Lifetime Value instructions on point 8 on this website: )


On Google I then get the message "One of your segments contains user data. Your date range is automatically limited to 93 days from your start date"


So if I want to do a start and end date more than 93 days apart the figures aren't correct! how do I make it so that it takes into account wider data ranges?

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Re: Data range limited to 93 days from the start date?

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Hi Roya,

There is no way to do a default User (as opposed to sessions) based segment of longer date ranges. GA limits the view in an effort to provide more privacy (I think). That said, lifetime value is actually available in Apps views.

The way to get around this is to set a custom dimension that either stores the unique user id in every session or to set a custom metric (data would be pulled form your ecom platform) with the total lifetime value. That way you could just pull in the LTV or use a session based segment

More on custom dimensions and metrics here:


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Re: Data range limited to 93 days from the start date?

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Hi Theo,

Thanks for your answer - I'll do some research