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Dashboard Widget for Homepage Pageviews

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I'm finding it impossible to create what should be the most basic dashboard widget to create: Homepage Pageviews. 


I enter in Widget Settings:

  • Graph the following metric over time > "Pageviews"
  • Filter: Only show > "Page"
  • Exactly Matching >


This gives no results & these variations didn't work either:


If anyone can get this simple widget to work, please let me know the secret!! Thanks!!

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February 2017

Dashboard Widget for Homepage Pageviews

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Hi :-)
How is the home page displayed in the Behaviour > Site Content > All pages report?
Unless there is a filter applied to the View, then only the page's Request URI's are reported (the part of the page url after the domain name).
Homepage is often represented in the reports as a / or a specific Request URI such as /index.html (for example)

If yours is represented in reports as a / then try the following:
Only Show - Page - Matches Regex - ^/$

If it something such as /index.html then try Only Show - Page - Exactly Matching - /index.html

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Dashboard Widget for Homepage Pageviews

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Thank you so much Bronwyn!


Yes, my index is just " / " , so your suggestion of Regular Expression "^/$" worked like a charm!


I'm surprised I couldn't find this answer anywhere on the net.