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Custom Report To Filter Only Home Page

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New to GA and have created a custom report that I would like to establish a filter to only show home page site performance (W3C) for each of the sites denoted below and am unable to do so. .  

We are currently pulling statistical data on three domains that encompass all traffic within our GA profile.  

For example:



I want to get only page speed specs for the above but am getting stats back for all pages.  


Tried to use Filter > Exclude > Page > Regex =  ^/$

In hopes to only pull back stats for only the above page views but this seems to extract all pages.  


What can I do to only pull back data for the three home pages denoted above. 


Thank you in advance for your time! 

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July 2016

Re: Custom Report To Filter Only Home Page

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Hi Sam,

Just for my understanding, you want to see a report for only pages that are either:

1., or
2., or

correct? Is this a roll-up property? If so, then are you including hostnames for all your pages?

If all the above are true, then an Exclude filter wouldn't work, and you would see all pages because there wouldn't be any pages that satisfy that regex.

If I'm understanding your request, then you want to include only pages where the page path is just "/" (ie. homepage).

To do this, if each site has its own property, and you are not including the hostname, then the correct filter would be to "Include" pages matching a regex of "^/$".

If you are including the hostname, then you the filter would be "Include" pages matching a regex of "www\.abcmens\.com\/$".

There are other variations as well, depending on whether or not this is a roll-up of all three domains (in which case you would use a regex "OR" for each domain name).
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Custom Report To Filter Only Home Page

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Thank you Nicky I know have a better understanding.