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Custom Alerts

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Is there a way of setting up a visitor pattern that will trigger an alert to me, via email for example when certain conditions are met:


The condition I want to be alerted to is:-


If a single visitor spends more than 1 minute each on more than 4 of a set of 15 specific pages , alert me.


Is this something that google analytics can do and how can this be done?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!



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Re: Custom Alerts

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If you create Advanced Segment that for example contains those 15 pages you can set an alert for sessions that exceed 1 minute. I did not understand your goal completely but most likely you have to make 2-3 alerts in order to get what you want.

NOTICE! Google Analytics calculates session time based on timestamps:
00:00:00 Arrives page A and spends 30 seconds clicks to page B
00:00:30 Page B is loaded spends 4 minutes reading the page and exits
-> Session time 30 seconds

So unless you do not set some kind of timer function or otherwise track user behavior within the page you have to live with that reality that you wont catch the time spent on the last page.
Depending what type of site you have and how do you think that your users are behaving this might be an issue to you or not.

Let me know!

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Re: Custom Alerts

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Hi Antti, thanks for your comprehensive and insightful reply!

My goal is simply to be alerted when an inspector is on my website. (this is an indication that he is soon to turn up as in my line of work they visit the website first)
They look at certain pages e.g policies that most users wouldn't look at.

But the time function would simply prevent me being alerted to someone just randomly clicking away.

So i guess based on the point you mention about the time is calculated based on the gap until the next page is accessed, this would work.

Condition would be:

Single user has visited at least 4 of a set of 20 specific pages and the timestamps show at least 1 minute has passed between each page view.

FYI my site is a wordpress site but i would be interested in applying this to websites built on other frameworks.

My next question is, can this work even though most of my policies are pdf files that user would be viewing in their web browser?

My policies page is one page with links to 20 or so pdfs.

I have never used Google Analytics before although I do know how to embed code in webpage .

Hence I probably need to find someone who would be willing to set this up and be paid for their time.

Re: Custom Alerts

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hopefully I'm not aiding you in any shady business here...? Smiley Very Happy

When it comes to installation WP is pretty easy since you have ready plugins to do most of the work.
Viewing of PDF files must be tracked via event tracking that you place on the links that lead to PDF files (as PDF files cannot contain GA tracking code)

So create Advanced segment with conditions:
Event Category/Action/Label = Policy PDF click
Session duration greater than 1 minute
Unique events greater than 4

This is the wrong forum to hire help but I reckon a friend or friend of a friend can help you to implement this since it does not require special skills.

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