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Create paid and organic segment in GA

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I'd like to create a custom segment to capture two traffic mediums and exclude all others. 


The two traffic mediums:

  1. medium=cpc
  2. medium=organic

Basically I want to see traffic that comes through Google Adwords, Bing Ads (i'm tagging with utm_medium=cpc) plus organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing  and possibly some minor engines. 


I've double checked that my paid traffic all has medium=cpc and my organic traffic all has medium=organic assigned. They do, no problems there.


I tried setting up a custom segment using Custom Segment>Traffic Sources>Medium>Matches REGEX>cpc | organic  That resulted in 0% of my traffic being returned. I tried both users and sessions.


Has anyone ever been able to set up a segment to capture either any two mediums of traffic? Maybe you got medium=email and medium=direct instead of what I'm looking for, but you have the REGEX that works in this context.

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Re: Create paid and organic segment in GA

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Hi Ben,

using a user / session segment where a single condition is:
Include Medium Regex cpc|organic

Should definately do the trick - check the regex in acqusition reports - if it still does not return results > 0 then check how the traffic is tagged, typos in regex or similar.

Hope it helps!

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Create paid and organic segment in GA

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That worked. My problem was I was putting spaces.


REGEX  cpc | organic. Your cpc|organic worked perfectly. Thanks!