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Copied views point to same filter?

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We have some sites which have two versions each in a different language.

I set up a default view (leaving 'All Web Site Data' untouched) to capture the total hits for both languages. 

I then set up a view for the English language site, using a custom dimension for the language. I added a filter 'include' 'custom' which then filtered on 'English' for that custom dimension.


For the second language, (Spanish) I copied that view and simply changed the filter expression from 'English' to 'Spanish'.

What I found was that if I went back to the English view, I discovered it's language filter had also changed to 'Spanish'

It looks very much to me as if when you copy a view, it doesn't copy any filters attached to that view, but merely points to a single filter record, so if you change the filter in either view, it effectively changes it in both?


Can someone confirm this is the case, or have I encountered something weird?


My solution was to remove the language filter from the Spanish view and add it back manually, which then allowed me to have different values in each view.



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Re: Copied views point to same filter?

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Hi :-)
When you copy a View, it copies the View and applies any existing filters to the copied View, it does not create seperate copies of the filter(s)
So, if you then edit one of those filters, it will reflect in any other Views that same filter is applied to
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Copied views point to same filter?

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Thanks - it's as I guessed. However, I suspect any number of people are going to be caught out by this as it is counter-intuitive - I expect a copy to be a copy, not a copy of some bits and and pointer to shared data in other bits ! Or at least make it clear when copying ..

Thanks again