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Confused about (not set) in Content Groups

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I am starting to look into Content Groups and am perplexed as to why (not set) shows up in the reporting when I select  Behavior > Site Content > All Pages > Primary Dimension > Content Grouping: My Content Group


I understand that this represents all of the pages that don't match a content group. From the documentation "(not set) is the collection of pages that are not assigned to any group." But my question is why show this here?


I don't care about the other pages on the site when I am looking for information about a content group. So when I select a secondary dimension, like Device Category I get


(not set) - Desktop

(not set) - Mobile

(not set) - Tablet

My Content Group - Desktop

My Content Group - Mobile

My Content Group - Tablet




How does this help me quickly analyze and prepare reports about the content group I created? What I am missing here?

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Re: Confused about (not set) in Content Groups

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Hi Erik.

It's a "Feature". Smiley Happy Basically the idea is to show you how large the whole pie (all pages) is in relation to the slice (content group) that you are exploring at the time. You can do an advanced filter, exclude "not set" and save it as a shortcut.


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Re: Confused about (not set) in Content Groups

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Thanks Theo. I guess that makes sense then. Just seems a little counterintuitive to spend 5-6 clicks drilling down to something so specific just to have it as part of a large group. Good tip about excluding it in an advanced filter.