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Channel vs filter: what is better, what are the differences, what should be used?

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My current task was to create permanent possibilities to display organic traffic for subfolders on different nesting levels, with and without trailing slash, with and without file endings, like .html, .php etc.


After i realized, that the advanced segment will not do the job because of it is session-based (my task is page-based), i finally accomplished it with creating advanced regex filters and permanent linking them with shortcuts. On working with filters i was able to get only organic traffic into my view after i added secondary dimension and filtered it.


After the job was completely done i've stumbled upon channels, where i would be able to make the same.


And now the question: what would you use for the purpose i described, and why? What are the pros and contras of filter vs. channels? It looks for me, like the possibilities would be pretty the same...

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Re: Channel vs filter: what is better, what are the differences, what should be used?

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Channels are shareable automatically across the view whereas advanced filter are report-based and shortcuts are user-based and not shareable.
So it boils down to usability.
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