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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Changing the case for campaign elements (source, medium, etc.)

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What's the best way to change the case of data which is showing up under Acquisition


Unfortunately, when we started using Campaigns and Google URL builder, we were setting the parameters using title case. For example, Medium: 'Email'.


After some time we reverted to all lower case. For example, Medium: 'email'.


Now we have an issue in our reports where we have data for Email and for email.


How do I make it so my reports try Email and email as the same (i.e. combine that data).


I've been playing around with filters, and although when I click to verify the results look like they are going to give me what I want. When I then go into the reports Email and email are still separate



Re: Changing the case for campaign elements (source, medium, etc.)

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Filters only work for the data going forward and don't change the data retrospectively.

Re: Changing the case for campaign elements (source, medium, etc.)

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Hi DLiley,

like Syed said, Filters do not work retroactive.

If you would like to filter your data retroactive, you can set up da dashboard, a custom report or segments with relevant filters.

E.g. segment: Click on "Segment" -> click on "+ new segment"- > add a name -> click on "conditions" -> set "Filter / sessions / include" -> choose "Medium" and "contains" and type "email" into the field. Check the result by clicking on "Preview" and save the Segment.

As a result, you get the data for "email" and "Email". If you don't see any data, make sure that you have chosen a time periode which includes sessions with "email" as medium.

Bye. Nils.