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Can I use segments to show sessions that visit one page and NOT another?

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Hi Community,


In short, I'm trying to work out if I can have a segment that will include people who visited a product page or services page, but did NOT visit a specific page on the about us section

(products or services)-(about/management)

and in another segment, how many people DID visit either products or services pages and the the management team page (products or services)+(about/management)).



I thought the below would work for the first segment (typed equivalent as Google doesn't seem to like my pic attachment), but this segment still suggests people have visit the Management Team page. Am I doing something wrong or just misunderstanding how the segments work in these conditions?


Filter Session | Include


Page | Contains | /product page


Page | Contains | /services page


Page | Does Not Contain | /about/management




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Re: Can I use segments to show sessions that visit one page and NOT another?

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You can post images. After you get the error (see my screenshot), ignore it and simply press again "POST" button and it will work.



Considering your question, the segment it's not good for your situation, as here is how GA interprets the segment you created:

- include those sessions during which users saw pages that contain "/product page" or "/services page" and also pages that not contain /about/management. But, logically speaking, if you saw a page with /product page" this page it is a page that does not contain "/about/management", so you're logically speaking part of the segment defined that way. The AND in the segment definition does not work as you might expect. It does not mean that during the session the page  "/about/management" was not visited, but it means that at least one  other page than that was visited in the same session.


What you have to do is to define the segment a little bit differently, adding another filter and excluding sessions where you had visits on the about page, like this:



Hope this clarifies things Smiley Happy

Re: Can I use segments to show sessions that visit one page and NOT another?

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Thanks Banica, for both pieces of advice. I've been so focussed on the logic that I never thought to just add another filter. This is a great solution, thank you so much for taking the time to explain it in such detail Smiley Happy