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Can Google Show the Unique Visitors to a Specific Page

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Can Google Show the Unique Visitors to a Specific Page (vs entering page)


I know there is an answer before, but can not read it,because of an layer... :/

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Re: Can Google Show the Unique Visitors to a Specific Page

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Hello Maike,

I wanted to see if could help, I tried the link too and it keeps redirecting to the new platform. I did find a page that was referencing the forum page you can no longer access, it talks about the steps described in the post. I tried several way to access the old information with no luck so I wanted to try and get you to the closest source that describes the steps you should take. 

How to view the number of unique visitors to a page, or set of pages, in Google Analytics

You can see the number of unique visitors to your site as a whole in Google Analytics’ Audience report. But if you go to Behavior > Content Drilldown, to view a particular page of set of pages, you can only see “unique page views”. Unique page views is a different measure to unique visitors. What a nuisance.

So the solution is to create an advanced segment in the Audience > Overview report, which includes the pages you want. (Inspiration taken from this comment by Rendy.S)

Let’s say I’m interested in the information section of the website. All of this content lives inside the /information-support/ section.

So If I wanted to create a segment to look at unique visitors to this part of the site, I’d use a regular expression like this: /information-support.*
The . and the * at the end combine to mean “plus any number of any other characters”. i.e. this will match any URL that starts

So if you ever want to view the number of unique visitors to a particular page or pages in your website, create a custom segment and user regular expressions to target the page(s) you’re interested in.

Source: Martin Lugton

Hope it helps! 


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Re: Can Google Show the Unique Visitors to a Specific Page

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