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Bounce Rate on Filtered Data Significantly Higher Than Unfiltered Data

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Before excluding all IP's that were spams, crawlers, and bots, I created a master/unfiltered mirror account in case I did something wrong and lost all my historical Analytics data. I expected that my filtered accounts would soon reflect a lower Bounce Rate for both of my sites, they have in fact barely changed whatsoever, if not fluctuated slightly up and down marginally.  On the other hand, the Unfiltered accounts seem to be steadily dropping by significant percentiles, although no exclusions were applied and technically, no changes were made to this account.


Can someone please explain why this is happening?



Lauren Metz

UsedBooth / Exhibitcorp


Re: Bounce Rate on Filtered Data Significantly Higher Than Unfiltered

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Hi Harvey,

Excluding spammers via IP is not usually a good method as most SPAM is referral spam that can be blocked fairly easily:

Also be sure to set up a hostname filter:
Admin > View > Filters
Filter Type : Custom
Include > Filter Field : Hostname
Filter Pattern: .*yourdomain\.com.*

Your bounce rate on SPAM views (non-filtered may fluctuate as spammers come and go.