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Bot filter claims to be working, but bot views still appear in audience stats.

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For some time now, (since Jan '16) there has been a great deal of homepage-then-bounce spam from Chrome version 43.0.2357.130. There have already been a few threads here about it.


I added a filter to remove this spam from our analytics a while ago, and it claims to be working. However, when I view data, views from that version are still being counted. This seems global, both in Audience and Behavior when using browser version as a secondary dimension; see below.

2017-02-27 11_13_55-Event Pages - Analytics.pngBehavior > Events > Pages

2017-02-27 11_14_59-Browser & OS - Analytics.pngAudience > Technology > Browser

As I mentioned, checking the filter it says it is working fine. I noticed the input field is actually regex rather than simple string, so when I had 43.0.2357.130 that was technically wrong. However, as . is a wild card, it was actually working fine in finding that string. Updating it to ^43\. and running the validator you can see that finds other versions, but does not exclude any further .2357.130s, as those are supposedly already filtered.

2017-02-27 11_17_08-Analytics.png


2017-02-27 11_18_36-Analytics.png

I created the same filter for our unfiltered view, just to check, and it did acknowledge finding a few thousand 43.0.2357.130s in the last week to exclude from that set. So what gives? The filter says it is removing all of that browser from our data, but that browser is very clearly still in our data.

Bot filter claims to be working, but bot views still appear in audience stats.

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It has been a few days now with no reply; is this not the best place to ask about this issue? I'm not aware of dedicated GA support channels.


This seems like it could be a simple misunderstanding on my part of how filters work, but I can't find anything in the documentation indicating this is intended behavior. (And I'd hope it isn't, since this is making custom* filters basically useless.)


Can anyone provide some help, or at least a direction to find help elsewhere?


*We have dozens of IP filters for our offices and stores and those work fine.