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Assign referral conversions to the correct source

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Hey guys,


I'm quite certain that my referral conversions are generated by Adwords as CPC is bringing 76% of the total traffic. However these conversions are assigned to referrals ( and paypal).




Google has advised me to exlcude referrals, explaining that by doing so, conversions will be assigned to the last visited source. To be honest, I'm skeptical as conversions from, which is an excluded domain, are still displayed as referral




I have two questions:


If Google says the truth, what's the report I need to look at?

If Google hasn't advised me well, what should I do to ensure that referral conversions generated from Adwords are assigned to Adwords and would it be retroactive?


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Assign referral conversions to the correct source

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Hi Greg,

Yes, they're right.


You should have both and added to your referral exclusion list (there's no need to use subdomain).

Keep in mind, the campaign timeout is 6 months by default (if you haven't changed this) in Google Analytics so you'll still see those referrals. There's nothing you can do.

It's just due to the last non-direct source attribution (this should be direct traffic if you still see this in your reports). However, this number should steadily decline (and you should see near 0% new users) until after 6 months when it should disappear entirely.

If you've added both domains to the referral exclusion list, AdWords traffic will be attributed correctly and you shouldn't worry about that.

Recommend reading this topic and this article to get more information.

Hope this helps.

Assign referral conversions to the correct source

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Thanks Taavi. Last question: is there any kind of retroactivity? As in if in May there were 10 sales for Adwords and 10 referral sales which had as the last direct source PPC, would I see 20 sales for Adwords for that month?

Assign referral conversions to the correct source

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There's no retrospective aspect in GA - once a hit is sent to GA it cannot be altered (it can have additional data added to it, via data import, but dimensions such as source/medium cannot be altered).

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Assign referral conversions to the correct source

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Hey Taavi,

what you said is interesting. So, in this case if I still have session from a referral who I have excluded by a filter, it is because they started the new session directly and they should be under "(direct) / (none)". Ins't it?


So, at this point can I make a filter who assign those referrals to "(direct) / (none)"?