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Alternative for utm_nooverride

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I have to track the number of users from a referral campaign who have completed a transaction using Analytics. I have an event raised when the transaction is complete. But after the site is opened with a tagged referral campaign URL, the user may choose to authenticate using Social media sites. When the user authenticates with social media sites, the referral information is over-written with un-tagged information from the social media sites. I don't want the social media to be the referral for that transaction. Instead, i want the actual (first tagged) campaign to be the referral of the transaction. 


I read that "utm_nooverride" query parameter can solve the issue i face. But it doesn't work anymore. 


"" domain is the domain for both authentication and un-tagged referral from Facebook. So, i cannot use referral exclusion list to solve this issue.


Can you advise any alternative for "utm_nooverride" or any other approach that will solve this issue.


Thanks in advance,


Alternative for utm_nooverride

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If you use classic version of Analytics code you can configure referral exlusion with _addIgnoredRef option:
If you use Universal Analytics you can configure referral exlusion directly in Analytics admin. Go to ADMIN tab and under PROPERTY open Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List:

Re: Alternative for utm_nooverride

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HI Tomasz,

I am using Universal analytics and as said earlier i cannot include it in
the referral list also.
Please advise any other alternative solution.

Bala Vignesh