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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Add filter to see traffic for a specific section of website

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I'm sure this is pretty basic, but I can't get my filters right to show me the traffic on a certain selection of pages within my website. I found this tutorial and figured I could set a filter for all pages that have "/example-section/" in the URL, but I can't find the right filter selection to do that:


Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Re: Add filter to see traffic for a specific section of website

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You can create a new Segment and than you can use that segment to report by selecting that segment, e.g. you have create a segment by name "mypage" by using above mentioned suggestion link, after creating that segment you have to select your segment from segmentation field (By default "All Traffic" ), you can find your segment by searching tab.

You can create segment from Admin>View>Segments