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Add Metric Filter Without Adding a Segment

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I have a shared Google Analytics dashboard where I’d like to duplicate a widget and add an additional filter. The filter I’d like to add is “Only show Mobile (Including Tablet) Exactly matching Yes” but I notice the Mobile (Including Tablet) metric is depreciated. I attempted to add the built-in segment “Mobile and Tablet Traffic” but that ended up affecting all of my widgets. I only want that metric in a single dashboard widget.

How do I add a functionally equivalent mobile filter without adding a new segment to my dashboard?

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August 2016

Re: Add Metric Filter Without Adding a Segment

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Hi Matt,


You're right. IS_MOBILE and IS_TABLET are deprecated. If you want to segment by mobile or tablet within a custom segment all you need to do is, under “Conditions”, select “Device Category”, then select “Regular expression” and enter “Mobile” or “Tablet”.


I guess here's the solution that you're looking for your dashboard:


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 00.42.06.png


Value: mobile|tablet


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.


Re: Add Metric Filter Without Adding a Segment

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That worked perfectly! Thank you!