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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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90% Bounce Rate

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Our company has a main website as well as a separate site for our software application.  Clients often access the application site by first going to the main company website, clicking the "log-in" button, and dropping off.  We believe this is the main reason for our 90% bounce rate.  We'd like to filter out those clients who click that button so we can focus on user activity on the rest of the main website.


Here is the website for your reference:


You should see the "PRO Login" button on the right that takes you to the application.  Most clients only visit the main site to click that button and move on to the application site.



I've just started and don't know much about GA.  Our dashboards were set up long before my arrival.  I've read about segmentation and Event Tracking, but I have no idea where to start.  I'm willing to learn the function of GA, but I'm also looking for the simplest, most streamlined solution to "the button problem" to see if it really is the culprit behind our excessive bounce rate.  Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?  Thank you.        



Re: 90% Bounce Rate

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instant - a great segment to use in 'non-bounced traffic' then you can isolate non-bounced visitors
instant - logins are likely to be returning users so perhaps segment new users
some work involved - put an event in the button and segment out visits that converted that event

BUT before all that - your GA code looks like it might be in your GTM twice.
Also your GTM code is supposed to be placed on the site (every page) directly after the opening <body> tag
get the implementation right then check the bounce rates as this kind of thing can totally stuff bounce rates.
we ad a client with 2x GA code and it gave then a 2% bounce rate.
Your site is Wordpress so maybe use a good plugin like Yoast for GA unless you do have devs on tap who can read the Google instructions and implement carefully to the specifications - it is not that hard but a lot of devs don't seem to do GA implementations right as they don't read the instructions carefully/dont stay up to date with the changes - in my experience

hope that helps

Re: 90% Bounce Rate

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Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback. Checking bounce rates today, I see we've done a
complete 180. Our bounce rate is now at 0.14%.

Yesterday, I followed the step by step instructions from Google Analytics
Academy to implement Google Tag Manager. I wasn't aware we might already
have something like that set up. My thinking was to tag the login button
to segment traffic.

The instructions described downloading the plugin "Insert Headers and
Footers" and punching the GTM code in the Header section. I did that, and
since then it appears to be affecting our bounce rate in a major way. Most
of our site traffic is clients hitting the login button, but it shouldn't
have dropped everything down to 0.14% - at least I don't think so.

My guess is you inspected our site code via Chrome. Is that correct?
Doing that myself, I don't see any GA code. I suppose that's why I thought
I was safe to do the GTM routine yesterday. Are you able to point out the
two identical sections of code to me? That way, I can either take care of
it myself or pass it on to the developers.

Thanks for your assistance, David. Really appreciate it.


Ryan McCarvill

Marketing Coordinator

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Re: 90% Bounce Rate

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Yes i was using Chrome browser with the Google provided extension called: Tag Assistant - add that to your browser and it will diagnose any site you are on.
You can also go to google search page hit 'record' in tag assistant and then search for your site go to it do some stuff and them watch the recording - the recording shows what tags are firing and when so you can isolate what is or is not being fired by the tags.

hope that helps - let me know how you get on with that.