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custom tracking parameter under universal ga

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Until october 2015 we used the old ga code for our statistics. In order to track some campaign-sources the following line had been inserted into the analytics script:  _gaq.push(['_setCampSourceKey', 'campaign']);


This way we were able to track different campaignsources like or .  The results were listed under Sources ->(Other)    So every campaign had its own entry.

Then (as part of a relaunch) we switched to ga universal code, and the tracking code _gaq.push(['_setCampSourceKey', 'campaign']); was migrated to the supposed replacement   ga('set', 'campaignSource', 'campaign'); 


From this day on all the different campaign statistics fell down to ground line. It seems to me as if the function changed its behaviour. Now the results look like all source infos have been aggregated to the source "campaign". As if the request was not but 

I wonder whether my observation is correct. And why did GA change its functionality, killing all the old custom tracking links. Is there another way to solve the custom parameter tracking problem? Could the Google Tag Manager solve the problem?


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Re: custom tracking parameter under universal ga

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Hi Gerald,

'campaignSource' is the source itself, not the parameter used for sources. I don't think there is a source-key setting in Universal Analytics any more.

I'm wondering - why you don't use standard utm tracking [1] for setting sources and campaign names as you like?



Re: custom tracking parameter under universal ga

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Thanks Christoph. The unfortunate parameter selection has historical reasons. The campaign parameter has been used by another tracking tool, Analytics came in second. The old solution had the advantage of not changing dozends of Advertisement/Affiliate Tracking URLs. Saved a lot of effort.