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User ID - Client ID

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I'm not a developer, and I need to set up measurement protocol to track email campaigns. I'm not sure how to generate the client ID and user ID. Using this page as a guide:


User ID - Client ID

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It'll depend on what you have available to work with with your email platform.  

if you have some kind of numerical ID associated with all of your email addresses in your platform that's probably your best bet for the "user ID". and likely for your "client ID" as well.

For Client ID, if for some reason some of the values are small in length (like 3 digits), then you can just concatenate 5 0's to the end of all IDs.  Just because GA uses 2 unsigned 32bit numbers and a period doesn't mean you have toSmiley Happy.


I assume you're also using GA on the destination site of any clicks from the email campaign.  If so, the ideal state would be to use the same value for the User ID as you're using on the website. 

for example, if your email was Beth@GoogleQuestions123.com, and your email platform assigned a user ID "123789" to that email address - then ideally you use 123789 as the User ID in the email impression call/measurement protocol, and then use the same 123789 as the user ID on your website for all future activity.


Or if you're using a different ID for User ID in your website, find a way to get that ID populated into your email platform.


I don't think i'd recommend trying to sync up the client ID between the two, as then it's mess up the historical analytics for the device.  So for