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UTM code setting for non-search CPC ads

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Recently I have some ads that I want to add utm codes onto, so that I can track their performance on GA. Those ads are display banners, but charges in a CPC way. Therefore, I want to set their medium as "CPC" to differ them from other CPM displays.


However, Google's definition shows that if the parameter, "Medium", in utm is set as "CPC", its Default Channel Grouping will be categorised as Paid Search, no longer in Display. 


My question: Is there a way to set the utm for those ads that can keep the CPC information, while also keep the ads in the Display channel?


Thank you 

UTM code setting for non-search CPC ads

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Hi Yuping,


You can try to add additional utm parameters (such as utm_content) to specify as CPC and do your analysis by adding it as a secondary dimension in your reports but it is not possible to assign multiple channels to a single acquisition.


I hope this helps,






Re: UTM code setting for non-search CPC ads

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Hi Güney,

This is really good idea. I think there’s still one or two parameters not fully in use in my UTM. Since it seems inevitable for GA to categorize those traffic into (Other), I’ll follow your advice to separate the data. Thanks a lot!

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