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Two google analytics tracking code in one website

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I am having trouble tracking a new website on google analytics. I have clone an old website to create new website with a different domain but end up the google analytics tracking code for the old website is in the source code of the new website.


And so when I added a new google analytics tracking code for my new website, it end the old and new google analytics tracking codes are in my new website source code and my new google analytics account for my new website cannot track using the new tracking code. Thank you in advance for the help.

Two google analytics tracking code in one website

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The old code must be deleted. Alternatively, I suggest you implementing the tracking via GTM. This would mean to find someone who should

1.  clean up the codes for the 2 GA accounts

2. place the GTM code on your website


This way, you will have greater flexibility in the future, and no need for a person to change your source code. 

Re: Two google analytics tracking code in one website

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Hi Banica,

Thank you for your kind responses.

I understand that I need to delete away the old code but I cannot seem to
find the source place to delete the old code away. I can easily remove the
new code and I put it in the header.php but the old code is not anywhere to
be found.

Best Regards,
*Lau Kwun Nam*

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