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Trade secrets compromised due to `utm_referrer` Experiments parameter

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When I create a Google Experiment with analytics, I noticed two parameters will be added to the visitor's URL:


1. utm_expid=[number]

2. utm_referrer=[referring-URL]


Now Let's say that that some of the traffic that comes into my page (, is coming from an external source:


Thus those users will land on this page:[number]&utm_referrer=


And let's say that on my page, I have a link that visitors might click to go to a third-party website.


The owenr of this third part website, will see that the referring URL is:[number]&utm_referrer=


And thus, they will find out about the ways I'm driving traffic to my website, and thus, a Google Experiment is compromising my Trade secrets.


Google is so worried about it's searcher's privacy that they don't allow us Websmaters to see which search terms they searched for, but what about our Privacy? Why does this kind of commercial data needs to be compromised?


Is there a solution, or a different 3rd party analytics tool that I can use for similar A/B testing that will not compromise my data?



Re: Trade secrets compromised due to `utm_referrer` Experiments parameter

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Hi,, VWO, Optimizely should meet your criteria.