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Tracking logged in users with Google Tag Manager

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I have a similar situation to Bryan S in another thread, except I don't have the authentication status available on the page, just the userId, if the user is logged in. I have installed a Joomla plugin that passes the userId to the dataLayer. When I am in preview mode and login, the left column of the console shows the first event is user_loggedin. If I click on this event and look at Variables, I can see the value of the logged in user is in the variable userId.


I want to set a variable to show either authenticated or unAuthenticated BEFORE the pageview tag fires, but I am not having any luck.


Following the instructions in this post, I did the following:

1) I created a trigger called "Authenticated User", type = custom event, event name = user_loggedin, fires on all custom events.

2) I created a DataLayer variable called "isAuthenticated".

3) Then I created a Tag called "PUSH - User Authentication", type = Cutstom HTML, and input this code:
'isAuthenticated': 'authenticated',


All this works except the "Page View" event is complete before the "Message" from the "PUSH - User Authentication" tag. So the value for isAuthenticated is not updated before the Pageview is sent to UA, so the value of my custom dimension is incorrect - undefined rather than "authenticated".


I have tried giving "PUSH - User Authentication" a higher Tag firing priority (priority of 9) than my "GA - Standard Pageview" tag (priority of 1). This didn't work.


I tried Tag sequencing with a Setup and Cleanup tag, but I still cannot get the isAuthenticated status set correctly BEFORE the Pageview.


Any suggestions?

Tracking logged in users with Google Tag Manager

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The priority configuration is effective only when using the same trigger. In this case, I think that you are probably sending "PUSH - User Authentication" and "GA - Standard Pageview" with different triggers.


If the timing of the user_loggedin event is between Pageview and DOM Ready, I think that if you set the pageview trigger to DOM Ready. 


How about that?