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Tracking frequently changing internal links

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Hey everyone!


I am struggeling with the tracking of internal links. We have a slider on the mainpage that displays images, these images tend to change nearly daily, depending on the campaing, so far we trackted them with UTM and parameters in the URL but our adwords agency dislikes this a lot because the whole referer information got lost. So we need to find a way to track the clicks on the different slides that is managable with the frequency we change them (so code implementation for each new slide/goal is out of the game and the GA goals seem to be limied to 20) We are not sure yet if we can impement in the CMS a way that it creates autmatically new parameters to each URL that was opend by the links we want to track i hope somewhow that there is an easy way to do this that i cant see yet.

Re: Tracking frequently changing internal links

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Hey Basecom, how are things?

First and most important thing: Your agency is correct about the UTM. Never use UTM parameters to track INTERNAL data, since the change the original information from your user, and data will get lost. They're for external traffic ONLY.

The best way for you to keep track of internal clicks is by using Event Tracking from Analytics, into your website. They are codes that will fire with some information upon user click. You can combine the installation of Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager, so you don't have to keep messing with the hard code of your page every time there's a change, and everything can be done by Tag Manager.

Here you can learn more about events:

Here you can learn about Tag Manager:

One other important point: Your goals shouldn't be the clicks analysis. Goals are the very reason you expect your user to achieve, like a sale, download, form subscription and so on. All of those clicks and stuff are behavior analysis and shouldn't mix with your primary goals. Event tracking is definitely the way to go.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click