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Tracking embedded contact form (foxyform)

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Hi there,


I'm using a convenient embedded contact form on my website, which works well.

However, I would like to track when people click "send" on the form - is there a way to do this despite this being an embedded form/code?


Thank you!




The contact page:


The code:

<a id="foxyform_embed_link_726705" href="">foxyform</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function(d, t){
var g = d.createElement(t),
s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s);
}(document, "script"));
<!-- Do not change the code! -->

Re: Tracking embedded contact form (foxyform)

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Dear Martin,

What you want to achieve can be done in 3 ways in GA from my understanding.

1. Set up goal with destination URL.
2. Setup goal with events.
3. Custom event with click on send button.

But the plugin you are using will not allow the same. Because your plugin has no success page or any success message.

Hope this helps

Happy Analytics.

Re: Tracking embedded contact form (foxyform)

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Hi Ankur, thanks for your input!


I realise the above can be used in a regular scenario and I'm utilizing all three in various instances on the site.

However, what I'm looking for is if there is clever a way to e.g. send a virtual pageview when a certain condition is satisfied - which can be obtained despite the fact that the form is embedded.


If anyone has an idea on this it would be highly appreciated!



Re: Tracking embedded contact form (foxyform)

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Any potential solutions for this would be highly appreciated! Thank you,