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Timezone for Google Experiment results

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We have a Google Experiment set up on our website, and when interpreting the results by day, I need to know the timezone used in the reports for the experiment.


I tried changing the timezone for the View (View Settings / Basic Settings / Time zone) but it doesn't seem to affect any of the metrics by day for the experiment reports. e.g. shift timezone from GMT-08:00 to GMT-00:00 and the number of sessions by day reported for each experiment variation does not change.


Are reports for Google Experiments all based on GMT? Is there a way to change the timezone for these reports?



Re: Timezone for Google Experiment results

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Changing the time zone only affects data going forward, and is not applied retroactively. If you change the time zone for an existing view, you may see a flat spot or a spike in your data. This may be caused by the time shift forwards or backwards, respectively. Report data may refer to the old time zone for a short period after you update your settings, until our servers have processed the change.


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