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4.5K members online now
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Single Domain, Multiple servers. Server IP reporting?

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I have multiple servers in the US, with geoDNS sending traffic to each various one based on users location. Single domain. Single tracking code.


I am trying to get some better segment information on which servers are giving end users the slowest responses. I can get an aggregate of the info from the DOM technicals, however this does not tell me which of my server nodes reported.

Re: Single Domain, Multiple servers. Server IP reporting?

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Do you own the servers?  


The problem is JavaScript (and PHP, etc) run client side, so using strictly GA/GTM is, essentially, impossible to reliably get this information 100% of the time.  If you own the servers, or you essentially have full admin rights, or have a managed server (someone can do the work for you), then you can inject a custom header with some sort of identifier for each server.  This in turn can be read by JS, PHP or what have you which in turn can be passed via the dataLayer in GTM and then on to GA or directly into GA as a custom dimension.