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Setting up GA for rollup and individual “site” data collection

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We have a number of “sites” that are not connected but operate off of the same domain — hence my use of quotations — such that the the URL for site 1 would be, for site 2,, etc.  There is no real homepage for the domain — i.e. navigating to pulls up a message to go to a specific site.  All of this is behind a firewall (this is educational content for registered students) and driven by Drupal.

We want to set up GA data collection for all activity in the aggregate, as well as for the individual “sites” — site 1, site 2, etc.

I’ve created a GA account with one property ( and its own tracking code, as well as an individual “sites” account with separate properties for the various sites (each with their own tracking code XXXXXXXX-1, XXXXXXXX-2, etc.).

In Drupal, I’ve then inserted into our pages this modified GA Javascript to handle the two tracking codes per site:

//Specific site tracking
  ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X’, 'auto');
// Aggregate - all sites tracking code
  ga('create', 'UA-YYYYYYYY-Y’, {'name':'allSites’});
//standard code
  ga('send', 'pageview');
//custom code for allSites
  ga('allSites.send', 'pageview');

I set this up a couple of days ago and we are receiving data for both accounts, but looking at Behavior > Site Content > All Pages in GA, I’m noticing discrepancies between the aggregate and individual site data for the same pages — page views, unique page views, avg, time on page are all different.  I haven’t done a comprehensive, systematic comparison yet, but in one case, the aggregate page view numbers are significantly bigger than the individual count, in another case, the reverse.

I created a test site only I know about yesterday, but the discrepancies continue.

My questions: Am I misreading or missing something?  Shouldn’t these numbers be identical?  Is the lack of an actual homepage an issue?  Overall, is this the best way to set things up?

Any and all input much appreciated.

Greg M

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Re: Setting up GA for rollup and individual “site” data collection

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Hi Greg M,

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly with the way you have implemented the trackers. Have you checked to make sure that you have appropriate filters applied in your comparison? For example, when comparing data in your RU property against one of the sites, you would need to apply a filter to grab data only for a specific subfolder (site 1, site 2, etc.).

Also, don't expect data to have total parity. There will be some small differences.
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Setting up GA for rollup and individual ?site? data collection

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Thanks, Nicky. I?m relatively new to GA, so I?m glad to hear I?m on the right track from someone with more experience. I haven?t really explored the GA filters yet, but I don?t quite understand why I would have to filter anything out when I?m comparing pageviews, etc. for the same specific page. Again, I?m looking at Behavior > Site Content > All Pages for both. Stats from the individual property (page, page views, unique page views, avg time on page, entrances, bounce rate, exit): [cid:196608F9-65DB-4773-A636-17F6D95F9BC6] And from the aggregate: [cid:551B6BEA-F8A8-4F14-B8EC-3824212FE4EF] To your last point, unique page views and entrances are identical, but that seems to be about it. If this is a filter issue, could you recommend a resource to learn more? Thanks for your help! Greg M