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Server side analytics user location

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Hello all,


I do have a question about how the user location is computes. I am currently managing a project which requires to fire events to google analytics from server side. That works, no problem, but a strange think happens when the events are fired, seems like the location registered is the server one and not the client. I am sending the user ip over as well as the event. As far as you know, is there a way to make server side analytics request get the correct location. Thank you all in advance for your help.



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Re: Server side analytics user location

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Are you sending using the measurement protocol and passing the IP as a parameter? If not then I would expect the behavior that you report.

Location lookup is more complex than IP though, when it comes to mobile devices, your client IP will be way off.

GA does not reveal (at least the last time I looked some months ago) how EXACTLY they calculate mobile location but AdWords does and I suspect it's very similar for GA. Basically it's a combination of WiFi databases, cell tower location, etc. etc.

If you're using the measurement protocol you may be better off just harvesting and passing the client id and that should tie in to the rest of the client info without a problem.

Hope that helps.


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Server side analytics user location

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Hello Davide,


We have the same problem for orders confirmed from our back office by server side measurement protocol. In portugal for example, we have many orders which come from United States in GA from example : not possible :-(

We open a ticket with the GA premium support. Investigation in progress...