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Send Pageview Cutting off %3b

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We have size filters on our site and they are encoded as "%3b+Size" in the URL; for some reasons the part after the "%3b" gets cut off in GA's reporting so we can't see the size's filters that people clicked on.


We're using the basic ga('send', 'hitType': 'pageview' ); syntax. Is this a GA's bug where it couldn't handled %3b?  Anyone has ideas on how to fix this? Thanks. 


Actual URL: /womens-shoes~d~266/sizefamily~shoe%20size%3b7/

GA's Reporting: /womens-shoes~d~266/sizefamily~shoe size



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Re: Send Pageview Cutting off %3b

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Hi Mike,

Check what's going on with Google Tag Assistant Recordings [1]. Maybe you should uppercase it to '%3B'?



Re: Send Pageview Cutting off %3b

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Tag assistant showed %3b in the "dl" variable; don't know what the "il1nm" variable is but that's showing the size's value as well. So the capturing part is correct right? Could it be a bug in GA's reporting side where it cuts off the %3b (semicolon) part? BTW, we're using Universal Analytics if that matters.

Protocol http
Path /collect
v 1
_v j41
a 1595408649
t pageview
_s 2
il1nm prodlist - s~shoes-for-men/sizefamily~shoe size;7/

Re: Send Pageview Cutting off %3b

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If you google for "google analytics don't like semicolon" you'll see an old post on the that talked about this as being a bug in GA's reporting but when i clicked on that link it just redirects me to this forum's homepage Can anyone confirm this as a bug? Thanks.

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