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Revenue Tracking With Editable Baskets

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Hi Everyone, 

First post from me so I thought I best Introduce myself! My name is Matt and I am the new PPC Manager for MuscleFood UK. I joined the company just under a month ago and am looking to get everything implemented and running smoothly. 


However, I have run into an issue, which has required me to ask for assistance from this community of knowledgeable AdWords Gods and Goddesses.


The checkout on our site has two different functions. The first is simply: a user comes to the site and selects the item/s they wish to buy. They then add them to the basket, click through the checkout and pay for the product. Its important to not that the user then visits a thank you page where all revenue tracking info is pushed out. Simple as that and revenue is happily tracked in Analytics. Boom.


The second is a little more complex. The user can add as many products as they like to the basket once more. From here they can then simply "confirm" the basket. Once confirmed, the order is set up and ready, however the user has not yet paid for the items. The payment will be taken 2 days prior to the order being shipped, and they have the option to set up orders up to 2 months in advance! The user is still taken to a page where the revenue is put out which does make it seem like a simple addition of tracking to this page, but wait. The first thing to note is this is a different URL to the one mentioned in the first instance. The second thing to note is that the user is still entitled, up until the 2 days before when payment is taken, to edit the order as many times as they like.. All of these edits will be made at the same URL as the initial order is made.


This is where the issue arises. Each and every time a user returns to the page, their products, revenue and all other things will be tracked again! And if a customer has £100 worth of stuff in their basket, and decides to make 10 edits, that could add up to over £1000 that in reality is really only £100. 


I'm sure you can see how this is a little bit of a nightmare for PPC Manager who wants to track and report productively! 


My question is, does anyone have any experience with the above? How can this be resolved? Because, not having come across this before, I'm quickly running out of ideas. I did suggest having a different URL for when the user edits their order, but apparently that is an unsuitable idea due to all of the processes that o on behind our checkout.


It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any input on this, before I begin to bang my head against the wall! Man Frustrated


Thanks Guys!

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Re: Revenue Tracking With Editable Baskets

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Anyone with any input?

Re: Revenue Tracking With Editable Baskets

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Hi Matt,

few clarifications:
You said that you have 2 URLs for order confirmation. 1st one is doing fine and the 2nd one is the problem, right?

What happens when the deal is actually closed, when the payment is actually collected? Can it be separated from the editing process? I strongly feel that in any case you should not send any transaction data to GA unless money is paid.
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Antti Nylund, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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