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Removing Self-Referrals in Google Analytics - Tag Manager

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I've been seeing self-referrals in Google Analytics. I've followed the instructions here:


I am using the Auto Link Domain feature in tag manager.


The website is The subdomain is The referrals are reported as coming from


Step 2 says:


 If you are using the same container for and, under More Settings → Fields to Set, enter the following:

  1. Field Name: allowLinker
  2. Value: true
  3. Cookie Domain: auto



Here is my setup for step 2:




Step 3 says:


  1. Find the field More settings → Cross Domain Tracking → Auto Link Domains and enter "" (no quotes).
    If you have multiple domains, separate them by commas:,,


Here is my setup for step 3:




The trigger is set for all pages.


Despite this setup, the self-referrals persist. Could it be the way in which the domains are entered? Should I try without the *?


In Google Analytics, I've also added the domain as a referral exclusion, as instructed here: 



Removing Self-Referrals in Google Analytics - Tag Manager

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The value for the Auto Link Domain should be just the top-level domains, not a regex. So enter ",, etc." without the "*".


Also, under GA Admin/Web Property/Referral Exclusion List, add those domains.

Removing Self-Referrals in Google Analytics - Tag Manager

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I did that but I'm still seeing the self-referrals. I made the change on Friday. When I check the referrals for today, I see 300 sessions from as a referral.