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Query Search Parameters from SharePoint 2010 for Site Search

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I'm trying to identify the query search parameters from SharePoint 2010 in order to set up Site Search. Specifically, if someone uses the out-of-the-box search on the site. When I preform a search on the site, the results page returns this:




as part of the URL. I entered the letter "k" as the query search parameter in order to setup site search but it isn't returning any values.


I found a list of query search parameters (List, ID, VersionNo....) but using that in site search does not provide the correct information for the site search results.


So far the tech team has been non-responsive on this concern so I'm hopeful that you can assist?



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Query Search Parameters from SharePoint 2010 for Site Search

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First check your content reports to see if you have the query param there... if you don't it's not being tracked and you wont have any data.   You can go to your all content report and add this to the filter field  \?=k  or just =k  and you should see if it's tracking.


If it's tracking then make sure it's not in the k is not in the exclude URL query parameters setting in your view settings and add it and only it (unless there are other search params) to the site search settings as a k  that is no =k or anything else, just  k


Sharepoint is usually used for Intranet's (not always) and that can be problematic for GA as often the way it's configured wont allow the data to be sent to that as is required for GA to process the data.  


Hope that helps!




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