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Puzzling drop in the ecommerce conversions rate

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Since November 4, the ga.js script is not recording data conversions through the e-commerce. Until November 3 the percent conversion values were ​​consistent with the previous days but on November 4 that values ​​dramatically drop and reach the 0% on November 6 till now. Interestingly on November 6 I modified the e-commerce configuration in the Manager tab selecting the "Enhanced e-commerce" feature (even with the current script ga.js). After some  days, I saw that GA did not record the e-commerce data (and, if he did, they were very few) so that I deselected the "Enhanced e-commerce" feature to return to the previous situation. However, accordingly to the GA data, the e-commerce is still in a "vegetative" state.


Can someone tell me what it could have happened? Can the failure be related to the "Enhanced e-commerce" option’s selection without implementing the analytics.js script? And above all ... would you know how to get out of this situation and make that GA can record the e-commerce data as before?


The website is:


PS: no changes were done in the website code nor the ga.js script during between November 4 and today!


Thank you very much in advance!

Re: Puzzling drop in the ecommerce conversions rate

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Few findings/recommendations:


  1. Update the code to use universal analytics
  2. GA says: If you are currently using ga.js, you will need to first migrate to analytics.js before using the enhanced ecommerce plug-in.
  3. You can easily debug on the website with GA debugger:

    You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.