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Problem verify my website on search console through google analytics tag

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Hi, I recently added google tag manager and added analytics tag. Everything runs smoothly.

Now I am trying to verify my website on search console through google analytics (as alternate method).

It requires:

  • You must be using the asynchronous tracking code .
  • Your tracking code should be in the <head> section of your page.
  • You must have the "edit" permission for the Analytics web property.

I guess I have it all. Tag Manager is correcly positioned at the top of the head and the no js users code at the beginning of the body. I also have the edit permission. Still when I try to verify I get this error message:

Verification failed for using the Google Analytics method (less than a minute ago). The Google Analytics tracking code on your site is in the wrong location. You can verify site ownership with the asynchronous snippet placed in the <head> section of your home page. 


How come I cannot verify it if the tag manager tag is in the right position?

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Re: Problem verify my website on search console through google analytics tag

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Hi @Andrea D  :-)

If the GA tracking code is installed via Google Tag Manager, then you should use GTM container snippet method for verification.. not the GA tracking code method.


If you have a Google Tag Manager account, you you can verify ownership of a site using your Google Tag Manager container snippet code.

To verify ownership using Google Tag Manager, choose Google Tag Manager in the verification details page for your site, and follow the instructions shown.

When copying Tag Manager code:
  • You must have View, Edit, and Manage container-level permissions in Google Tag Manager.
  • Place the <noscript> portion of the Tag Manager code immediately after the opening <body> tag of your page. If you do not, verification will fail.
  • You cannot insert a data layer (or anything other than HTML comments) between the <body> tag and the tag manager code. If you do, verification will fail.
  • Use the code exactly as provided; do no modify it. If you modify it, verification will fail.


If you choose to add the GA Tracking Code snippet directly to your site instead of via GTM, then the GA tracking code verification method should work provided it is the current async version of tracking code and is placed before the closing </head> tag.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Problem verify my website on search console through google analytics tag

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Thank you got it.