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Paid traffic (medium=cpc) suddenly turns into organic session

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I am using GTM on, and I have the strangest experience that I do not understand.


The users search eventum and lands on the main page. I check in real-time, and everything looks great. Then they search for venues, and suddenly the medium changes to organic. The source stays the same (this also happesn with bing, so not auto-tagging issue).


It worked before starting using GTM, and it seems like someone have had similar problems before ( , do anyone have an idea on what can be wrong?

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November 2016

Re: Paid traffic (medium=cpc) suddenly turns into organic session

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As i observed there GA code is getting fire 2 time on the page.I request you to please remove on GA code from the page/GTM.


Please find the GA Debugger Report ,there is a value of medium is getting overridden in second GA Call.