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Not showing real time active users

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Bare with me please! I started a YouTube channel that is seeing a good amount of traffic. (I know this because of view numbers)... I implemented my tracking I-D about a month ago. Analytics never started working but the linked Adsense account is recording everything fine...  In the aftermath of Analytics never recording traffic I have become nervous and weary. I have tried to fix it but I seem to be confusing myself more.


Because I'm having problems, I have changed a few settings after reading the help sections of each app. This is what I have done: In Order


*Checked all the account settings making sure the Tracking ID is implemented correctly with no spaces (No Copy & Paste)

*Checked all the settings between YouTube & Analytics to make sure the correct things are activated and turned "on"

(Web domain input is correct

*Sent Test Traffic via Analytics & got hits for myself. Records All of my interaction and only my interactions. (Records when I send traffic as myself, nothing else)

*Re typed tracking Id (from my property in Analytics) into YouTube. (Ex. UA-_____)

*Had a Mental breakdown because I spent hours reading on implementing codes but cant seem to find out how on a google hosted website like Youtube.(Still)

*Downloaded Tag Manager & Tag Assistant.

*Recorded a session in Tag Assistant & navigated around my YouTube Channel.

(On the code implementation side it says its fine... The code reads the same but it's listed as "YT-____"... The code given to me by Analytics associated with my property is a UA code... The code that Tag Assistant tells me is there, when I record a session, is YT but it doesn't come up as an error)

Tag Assistant gives me one error. It says that my "ord is not unique enough"... That directed me to Double Click For Publishers and more stuff on DFP & another account added. Can find nothing on what "ord' even means or what it is.

*Downloaded Double click for Publishers and set that up



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Re: Not showing real time active users

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Hi Colin,

your 'ord' is essentially your click ID and it has to be unique for DoubleClick to handle it properly.

about your web domain: is plenty, don't add "/bmxhelp"
about your YT channel: I presume that in settings you entered a "UA-" id? Ignore "YT-" IDs.
about the linked GA account: unless you know what you're doing, use a dedicated property within your account to track Youtube traffic.
Also, do you have filters in place in your YouTube view?
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Re: Not showing real time active users

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Thank you so much for replying. I ignored the YT Id and stuck with the UA
Id originally given to me by analytics, I just re typed it in and saved the
I do not have any filters in place.

As for the domain. I thought, in the sign up area for reports and tracking,
they required the full domain of what you wanted to track. I interpreted
the line where you put the domain in as criteria to tell analytics where to
track. For example, if I put just with out /bmxhelp I thought
it would only track stats from people going to the main page of YouTube and
not my individual youtube channel...
I guess you can say I thought of the tracking code as more of a security
code at first