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Dive into multiple domain (Cross/Sub) tracking, implementing Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce, setting up Event tracking, and Universal Analytics code.
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Not All Our Sessions Are Being Tracked

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I have an E-Commerce experience embedded within an iframe on an affiliate site that powers their ordering. There is no cross-domain tracking communication between my site (in the iframe) and the parent site so nothing to worry about there.  


The issue I'm seeing in Google Analytics is that our Sessions are low (following this, our page views and order transactions are also low) and don't seem to all be tracking.  We know this because we can see the actual number of transactions in our DB is around 3x higher than the numbers we are seeing in Google Analytics.


We are using the dataLayer within Google Tag Manager in our codebase to manage our event firing. Debugging through the GTM preview mode as well as the Google Tag Assistant Chrome plugin shows that tags and events are firing and that there are no apparent issues. 


Has anyone encountered an issue like this before? Any and all help and/or tips are greatly appreciated.



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Re: Not All Our Sessions Are Being Tracked

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Hi Liam,

there can always be an implementation issue present though this is hard to determine without the live site available.

Some other options should be considered:
1. View filters which exclude a significant portion of your data as in your case
2. Characters such as " or ' which can break the dataLayer
3. GA Opt outs / do not track
4. Ad blockers
5. ...

It would be great if you can spot a pattern of products / transaction Ids which you have or have not in your GA.

Kind regards,
Web analyst @

Re: Not All Our Sessions Are Being Tracked

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The same happened to us, this past fall.
Not sure what there is to do, since Google has to fix it.

Re: Not All Our Sessions Are Being Tracked

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What makes you say google has to fix it? How do you know it is not an issue on your end?

Re: Not All Our Sessions Are Being Tracked

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Hey Zorin,

Thanks for the reply. I checked our GA settings, we do not have any view filters setup so all the numbers we do have are showing. We also have no 'or' statements in our tracking.
As for Opt outs, this is possible but I think the discrepancy in numbers is far to large for opt outs to account for it. I feel the same with ad blockers. I'm sure someone people block but not enough to account for the massive difference in numbers we're seeing.

The products people purchase through the iframe are generated dynamically based on which merchant the user has selected. It is difficult to spot any patterns in our GA since we are processing thousands on thousands of transactions per day. When I run debug mode, it seems that all tags are firing for each product (regardless of merchant).

Would you have any other suggestions as to solutions I could pursue to fix our issue?

Thanks again very much,

Liam M