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No property hits - multiple tracking IDs

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When I log on to my Google Analytics account, it says my website (subdomain Weebly) doesn't get any hits. Even though I can see that there is traffic, I am wondering what exactly is the problem and how can I solve it?


I tried using the repair function in GA and do the tracking code process all over again but both didn't work. I am now trying out the Google Tag Manager Assistant. Even though my website is only linked to one single tracking ID (UA-90535589-1) in Google Analytics and I can only find one tracking ID in the tracking code on my website, Tag Manager says there three different tracking IDs on my website. Is it possible that the GA error on the property hits has something to do with this issue? If yes, how do I solve this then? I'm atmy wits' end to be honest.


Thanks in advance


Nicholas Van den Berghe


PS: I'm not a web developer.

No property hits - multiple tracking IDs

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Hi Nicholas,


If you get 'No hits' notification then it could mean:

#1 Your Google Analytics tracking has stopped working. Either someone has removed the GA tracking code from your website or the tracking code has broken or is not firing any more.

#2 Your website suffered temporary outage.


but you mentioned that you are seeing the traffic so I would suggest you to cross check once by opening few pages of your website and check real time data.


If real time data is there it means tracking is working fine.


**You should remove multiple tracking code from your website**



No property hits - multiple tracking IDs

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Hi Santosh,


Thanks for the tip. Live tracking worked so that's great news though I still don't get why I'm still getting that error notification.


Do you have any tips on how to solve the multiple tracking code issue? I've checked every single piece of code on each webpage and always found the same tracking ID so I don't have a clue why Google Tag Manager is telling me there are three different tracking codes :/


Belgian greetings,