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No Demographic data generated for iOS App

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I've added Google Analytics to my iOS app and everything is working except for Demographics. I've followed the instructions on implementing demographics and added the following line of code to all my trackers:

tracker.allowIDFACollection = YES;

 I've also added the linker flag 

-force_load /path/to/libAdIdAccess.a


I'm not getting any warnings logged other than the success logs of my registered events. 


When I look at App Overview and Real time Overview, I see all the events that I've registered from the app but when I look at Demographics Overview I see "There is no data for this view."


Version of Google Analytics that I'm using: 3.13


Is there anything else that I am missing? 


UPDATE: I've even tried using the Google Analytics Sample project and I'm still not seeing any demographic data.






Re: No Demographic data generated for iOS App

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Hi Joey!

I have faced with the same problem. I'm trying to enable same reports for my mobile app by modifying tracking code but it just keep telling me that there is no data and I should modify tracking code. Did you find a way to enable demographics statistic?