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New domain name = new GA code??

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My trade association is merging with another association. We both currently have separate domain names and separate GA codes. As of January 1, we will be one org and shortly after, one domain name. My association's existing website will be the survivor and the new domain name will be applied accordingly.


Is it best practice to install a new GA code for the new domain? Or, create a new view under the existing/surviving profile once the new domain name is implemented?


Thanks in advance


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Re: New domain name = new GA code??

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Hi Brianna,
There's no set procedure or framework. It's up to the business owner or the person responsible for analytics.

Personally, if it was me, I'd do both of what you're suggesting as well as add the snippet from the old site. Why limit your options? If use Google Tag Manager to implement all three. Better to have the data than not. The cost here is additional implementation work and possibly some filters and/or custom segments if you want to split things out more granular.

This way you have much more data to make decisions on, data you've spent a lot of time, and likely money, acquiring. There's no reason you can't have multiple GA objects on a page. In fact, it's quite common. The page you're reading this on does just that.